Operation & Maintenance

DDS is an independent service provider of SGT series gas turbine and solutions to the power, oil & gas, and industrial markets.


Operation & Maintenance

Gas Turbine removal, installation and re-commissioning

If your gas turbine needs to be removed from service, let us manage that for you. We’ll take care of everything from the point of shut down to preparation for storage or transportation, including blanking and inhibiting as required. We will ensure the installation settings are recorded and checked against OEM specification for reference. And following removal of the SIEMENS SGT series gas turbine, we’ll safely prepare your berth for the required shutdown period.

Whether you are planning to install a serviceable spare, lease or a fully overhauled gas turbine, adhering to specific procedures and settings is key to the successful re-commissioning and subsequent operation of the package. You can rely on us to complete the installation procedure to OEM specifications, ensuring the required pre-installation checks and settings are performed beforehand.

Re-commissioning requirements vary depending on the gas turbine type and operation. And they may include complex combustion system and emissions mapping, as well as operator specific running profiles. Our engineers work with you on-site to ensure the re-installed equipment is commissioned safely and satisfactorily within the required parameters, prior to final handover to you for operational service.

Routine maintenance for SIEMENS SGT series gas turbines

Here at DDS, we’re all about helping you enhance the service life of your gas turbine equipment. And in the field, our routine maintenance solutions do just that.

We bring together the latest OEM standards with our own extensive knowledge and experience, and offer a broad range of routine maintenance services to the global power generation, oil & gas and marine industries.

You can trust us to look after your gas turbine and associated equipment on-site.


O&M: Scheduled inspections

Scheduled inspections

Scheduled inspections

Any scheduled maintenance interval is unique to a gas turbine’s type and operating regime. And when it comes to SGT-100, SGT-200, SGT-300, SGT-400, SGT-500, SGT-600, SGT-700 and SGT-800 gas turbines, we are experienced with all makes and models.

Our routine maintenance schedules always include an external visual inspection and detailed internal inspection. We use the latest video borescope technology to provide clear and concise results, which can be easily interpreted to demonstrate compliance with the required OEM inspection standards.

Preventative and corrective maintenance

It’s common for preventative maintenance to be required during a scheduled inspection. Maybe a seal needs to be replaced, or the operation of ancillary equipment needs to be checked. These occurrences can further prolong in-service performance and integrity.

We can advise you on the requirement for each activity, and perform the work when it’s convenient to your operations. We’ll have all necessary spare parts available at the time of inspection, and expedite contingency spares in the event of unforeseen findings to get your equipment back up and running promptly.

One-off inspections

  • Is your equipment returning to production following a period of inactivity?
  • Do you require a health check to be performed on a gas turbine that’s in storage?
  • Do you have inspection requirement to assess the serviceability of on-site equipment?

Then talk to DDS, We’ll work with you to determine the most effective way to carry out a one-off inspection on your equipment.

Fault finding and troubleshooting

If you experience a problem with your gas turbine or associated equipment, we are here to help.

From start-up issues, to unreliable operation, to vibration, excessive oil consumption, temperature spread, noise and emissions – mechanical or controls – we’ll deploy an engineer with the necessary skills, equipment and certification to resolve your issues on-site and get your equipment back up and running safely, promptly and cost-effectively.

With full support from our highly skilled engineering, testing and repair teams at our global service facilities, we can troubleshoot onsite issues with minimum disruption to your operation.

Our commitment to you

Before we begin any work at your site, we review and share applicable risk assessments and method statements specific to the task requirement. This of course ensures complete adherence to health, safety and environmental requirements.

Our field specialists will mobilise with all of the required tooling and equipment to complete the required on-site tasks, providing a full turnkey service regardless of your location.

And we’ll share our findings with you after a site visit. Our comprehensive site visit report will share information relating to the serviceability of your equipment, including any repair or removal recommendations. We’ll discuss the findings with you to enable you to confidently continue operating, or take action as required to avoid unscheduled events arising during subsequent operation.

Get in touch with us to discuss your SIEMENS SGT series gas turbine field service requirements.